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Welcome to David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you are an existing patient or just trying to choose a dentist, we’re excited you're here! We look forward to using our blog to keep up with the latest dental advancements, treatments and educational news for everyone. We understand the importance of choosing the right dentist as it may not be an easy task, but we hope to make that decision easier. We are also here mainly to promote not just dental health, but the health of your whole lifestyle.

As time goes by we believe our dental advice will lessen the dreadful semi-annual checkup that some of you fear. We want to make everyone aware that dentistry is not only about your teeth; in fact that is just one small entity of dentistry. However, people tend to identify dentistry with three big factors: fear of the dentist, lack of value, and cost.

In order to achieve that pearly white smile you must be willing to conquer your dental visits. Overcoming your fears and embarrassment of dental neglect will not only increase your dental health, but also your whole body. Depending on your oral care, dentistry can add up, but there are many affordable ways to get the great dental health you deserve.

We hope to influence our readers and patients with a positive outlook on their dental health to diminish the bad reputation that dentists get. With tips, a consistent dental regimen, and educational news we hope you find our blog to be helpful. Our goal here at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is to inform you that you can get the best dental health possible!

Blog news and articles will be coming soon.