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Make Teeth Imperfections Disappear with Veneers for Teeth

Veneers for Teeth in Philadelphia Area

What guarantees a great first impression when you meet someone? Your smile! Unfortunately, teeth flaws may make you less confident, making you smile less. But what if we told you that cosmetic dental procedures from David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia could fix your teeth? Would you try them? If the availability of information is what is holding you from fixing your imperfect smile, this article is for you. Read on to find how Dr. David Spilkia uses naturally-looking veneers to get you grinning with confidence. What are porcelain veneers? Veneers are tooth-colored, thin shells mounted on the front teeth to change …

I Need to Straighten My Smile; where Can I Get Invisalign Near Me?

Where to Get Invisalign at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me in Philadelphia Area

Since your smile means the world to you, a crooked smile is likely to bother you. While you may turn to traditional braces to straighten your smile, Invisalign aligners in Philadelphia can discreetly align your teeth. How does Invisalign work? When you visit David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for Invisalign treatment, it starts with a consultation with Dr. David Spilkia. After examining your teeth, our doctor explains everything about the procedure and allows you to ask as many questions as possible, including your expectations and how long it will take to see results. After the initial consultation, you are now set …

Dental Implants and Dentures Can Change Your Life and Health. Here Are Some Common Questions About Both

Dental Implants Vs Dentures at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia Area

Have you been considering upgrading your smile and health but do not know where to start? Dr. David Spilkia serves the community in Philadelphia with the best dental care for people ready to decide between dental implants vs. dentures. Both options are significant upgrades to a painful unhealthy smile. Common FAQs About Dental Implants and Dentures Are dental implants permanent? Yes, dental implants are permanent. They do not come out at night or while you are eating. Dental implants are much like natural teeth and are sturdy. Why are more people choosing implants compared to dentures? Dentures are viewed more and more …

Questions to Ask About Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia Area

In Russia, showing one’s teeth with a smile may give strangers the impression that a person is simple-minded. Meanwhile, in America, those who don’t reveal their teeth while smiling at strangers are often seen as untrustworthy. For Americans lucky enough to live in Philadelphia, our smiles are a vital part of how we interact with the world, which is why implant-supported dentures may be an excellent option for those missing teeth. The Disadvantages of Traditional Dentures While dentures are often the cheapest option to replace missing teeth, they also come with a host of annoying issues. Here are just a few of …

FAQs about Urgent Root Canal Treatment

Urgent Root Canal Treatment at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry In Philadelphia Area

When people think of emergency dentistry, they often think of the most extreme case. But what about a root canal? While it might not be the first thing on your mind, you may require a root canal for specific dental emergencies. Here are some FAQs about getting an urgent root canal in Philadelphia. When does having a root canal become urgent? Oral infections are challenging to deal with, but they can be even more complex when complications arise. Symptoms can result from a condition that cannot wait for treatment when it becomes too painful for the patient to bear. Symptoms …

Restoring Your Smile with Natural Looking Dentures

Restoring Smile With Natural Looking Dentures at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry In Philadelphia Area

In the past, unless you spent thousands of dollars on your dentures, they didn’t always look natural. Today, finding dentures that look natural in the Philadelphia area is much easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry that your new dentures won’t fit the frame of your face or that they will be unnaturally white or unevenly covered. With authentic-looking dentures, you will be able to smile and always put your best face forward. Made to Fit You Your mouth is uniquely your own. That is why your dentures should be made to fit the contours and frame of …

Should You Get Implants to Replace Lost Teeth?

Implants for Teeth at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia Area

If you’ve lost one or more teeth due to an injury or decay, you have several options for replacing them. Dental implants are among those options. Implants from David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia offer a long-term solution to replacing lost teeth. These structures are resilient, long-lasting, and can be made to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth to revive the beauty of your smile. Here are a few reasons to consider implants for replacing lost teeth. Benefits of Dental Implants Missing teeth can change how you look, how you chew, and the health of surrounding teeth …

Leading Dentist Offers Clients Natural-Looking Dentures in Philadelphia

Dentist Offers Clients Natural-Looking Dentures in Philadelphia Area

Keeping the Look of Your Natural Teeth, the Primary Goal Are you one of the many people who need dentures but are afraid to get them because you see too many other people with dentures that do not look normal? Dr. David Spilkia of David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can provide you with natural-looking dentures. No one will know that you wear dentures because our dentures look like your natural teeth and, in most cases, even better than your natural teeth. Partial or Full Dentures While dentures must look natural and is a goal for this dental practice, the goal that …

Dentist offers dental implant surgery and restoration at Philadelphia, PA, area practice

Dentist Offers Dental Implant Surgery and Restoration at Philadelphia, PA, Area

At David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we work routinely with patients who are in need of tooth replacements. There are many situations that may arise that might cause a patient in the Philadelphia, PA, area to require tooth replacements, including disease and extractions. Regardless, our team can suggest the advantages of dental implant surgery and restoration for patients in the community, considering that it’s a permanent solution lasting many years. What is a dental implant? Dr. David Spilkia describes the dental implant as a restoration placed by a dentist into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery to function as a …

Cosmetic dental office in Philadelphia, PA offers aesthetic treatments for smile enhancement

Cosmetic Dental Office at David Spilkia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia PA Area

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a smile? Your smile is the first impression you give to others, so it should speak of the confidence and integrity you want to reflect. Unfortunately, not everyone has a naturally beautiful smile, and many patients struggle with problems such as missing, broken, or stained teeth. With the help of a cosmetic dental office in Philadelphia, PA, patients looking for an “aesthetic dentist near me” can achieve the smile of their dreams! What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is a specific field of dentistry that focuses on the …

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