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Services offered by Northeast Philadelphia dentist for cosmetic enhancements

Services offered by Northeast Philadelphia

A beautiful smile is the goal of many patients in the Northeast Philadelphia area. In the past, patients believed aesthetic dental services were only available to the Hollywood elite. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Patients can visit a cosmetic dentist to learn about how affordable treatments can be to help achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. One practice that can help is that of David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. David Spilkia is a cosmetic dentist residing in the Northeast Philadelphia area who has a wide selection of aesthetic services available to his patients. The following list includes …

Philadelphia Dentist David Spilkia delivers comprehensive care for patients of all ages

David Spilkia delivers comprehensive care for patients

Dentist David Spilkia has close to 30 years of experience, treating each patient with compassion and excellence. Each staff member of our Philadelphia practice is concerned with patient comfort. There is no need to postpone routine appointments or treatments because our goal is to help you maintain your health and avoid more complex dental problems. No matter a patient’s age, we provide services that are tailored to the individual. With a wide variety of services and diverse staff, patients can expect to receive care for many aspects of their dental health without the need to visit an outside specialist. We …

Philadelphia dentist explains studies in dentistry that link gum disease to other health conditions

explains studies in dentistry that link gum disease

What are the primary components of an excellent oral hygiene regimen? Chances are the dentist will tell you, “brushing, flossing, and biannual dental check-ups.” This may sound simple, but these habits can ensure overall health and wellness for a lifetime. Beyond avoiding tooth decay and gum disease, you can prevent serious health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and pancreatic cancer. Well-known dentist in Philadelphia, Dr. David Spilkia, is happy to explain the findings in dentistry. Linking gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease In 2010, researchers from New York University concluded there was a connection between gum inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease. They …

Why should I see a Dentist near me in Northeast Philadelphia for Teeth Whitening?

Dentist near me in Northeast Philadelphia for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening services have been offered by dentists for many years. As the demand for brighter smiles has increased, so have the options for whitening. Today, a variety of “affordable” teeth whitening kits may be found in just about every retail store in our country. The problem with readily accessible, one-size-fits-all teeth whitening is that this solution works for relatively few people. Real results that last require the highest quality bleaching product in a concentration that is safe but also effective. Wondering “is there a dentist near me who offers teeth whitening?” Look no further than the Northeast Philadelphia office …

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Absolutely wonderful! My entire family used to hate going to the dentist, until we came here. Even my toddlers love going to the dentist now! The staff are polite, friendly, and caring. The receptionists are amazing, and Dr. Spilkia is the best dentist I've ever met.
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