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Emergency Dentistry

Can you visit a dentist in the Philadelphia area for urgent care?

Urgent Care Dentist Philadelphia

Patients in the Philadelphia area who are faced with a dental emergency may need to see a professional for urgent care at any time of the day and night. Not every dentist in the community provides emergency dentistry solutions when problems arise. Dr. David Spilkia is proud to provide an on-call service for anyone faced with a dental issue, day or night. Emergency dentistry services are available for new and existing patients. Helping others is a large aspect of what Dr. David Spilkia wants to achieve in his dental practice. It is one of his goals to continue to provide …

Philadelphia area patients experiencing pain in a tooth should seek dental care

Tooth Pain Philadelphia

Everyone dreads a toothache. The pain may be a simple soreness in a specific area of the mouth, or it can be an extremely painful experience from a specific tooth. When patients are experiencing tooth pain, it can interfere with their quality of life. Sometimes, pain can become so intolerable that patients are unable to sleep at night. When patients are faced with a toothache, it is important to have a dental professional in the Philadelphia area ready and willing to help with emergency dental care. A toothache may indicate one of several issues. Sometimes tooth pain develops due to …

What is considered a dental emergency for Philadelphia area patients?

Dental Emergency Philadelphia

When a dental emergency occurs, Philadelphia patients are often at a loss as to who they can visit, especially when they happen at the most inopportune times. Lost teeth, severe toothaches, and broken restorations can occur day or night, and having a dentist available for care is essential for immediate treatment. Many patients of David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are aware that Dr. David Spilkia offers emergency dental care, but some are unsure as to what constitutes a dental emergency. Below is a quick breakdown of common dental emergencies handled in our practice: Broken, fractured teeth – caused by …

Philadelphia dentist explains what to do when you need emergency dental treatment

Emergency Dental Treatment Philadelphia

Most patients visit the dentist twice a year for a check-up and cleaning and are done. However, if you experience an event that requires emergency dental treatment, it’s important to understand what to do, including when to alert the dentist. What are dental emergencies? Dental emergencies encompass many events including: Throbbing or pain in the tooth Sudden onset of sensitivity Trauma or injury that causes loss of a tooth Losing a permanent tooth is a common dental emergency. It can happen during sports, an accident, or a fall. Whether it’s happening to you, a family member, or friend, Dr. Spilkia …

Philadelphia dental practice offers emergency care

Philadelphia Emergency Dental

When problems arise, they never happen at the best time. Patients in the Philadelphia area who have a dental emergency are welcome to contact the team of David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for care. Our practice is open for immediate appointments when issues happen. Whether it’s a toothache that leaves you unable to work or sleep, trauma to the mouth, or a lost restoration such as a filling or crown, we can get you in as soon as possible for quality care and attention. Below are just a few of the emergency dental services we provide in our practice: …

Where can Philadelphia area patients obtain emergency dental care?

Emergency Dental Care Philadelphia

Dr. David Spilkia of Philadelphia offers emergency dental care because he understands that not everything happens at convenient times. Patients may be dealing with a severe toothache that keeps them up at two in the morning, or may lose a dental restoration such as a crown or a bridge while brushing their teeth before bedtime. The unexpected can happen, and this is why he helps new and existing patients around the clock. Philadelphia area patients are welcome to contact David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry whenever they have a dental emergency. Our team is here to help. We assist with …

Emergency dental services provided in the Northeast Philadelphia area

Emergency Dental Services Northeast Philadelphia

At David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we help Philadelphia area residents in achieving healthier, more beautiful smiles. While we do focus on general and cosmetic dentistry, we also offer quality services such as emergency dentistry. Emergency dentistry is a field of dentistry which provides immediate care and attention when things go wrong with the smile. For some patients, this means making same-day appointments with Dr. David Spilkia and his team to address the immediate situation at hand. Patients in and around the area of Northeast Philadelphia are welcome to contact our practice to learn about the emergency dental services …

Dental practice near Northeast Philadelphia provides various services when an emergency strikes

Emergency Dental Services Philadelphia PA

An emergency is like lightning striking. You never know when or where it will happen. Dental emergencies can strike at anytime and anywhere, affecting the teeth, mouth, gums, jawbone, or soft tissues. Knowing how to respond to an emergency can help eliminate the urge to panic. Rest assured the dental team at David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry near Northeast Philadelphia takes good care of you from the time you first call us. Regardless of the dental emergency, Dr. David Spilkia and our team provide various services when one occurs. To ease nerves, we will explain how to handle the …

Philadelphia patients ask, “Are tooth extractions a dental emergency?”

Tooth Extractions Philadelphia

You have many significant relationships in your life. When you are caring for your health or that of your family, trusting relationships with your healthcare providers are critical. This includes a familiar and consistent relationship with your family dentist. Developing an appropriate at-home routine and maintaining regular visits to the dentist are important to your oral health. What happens, however, after-hours if you need urgent dental care? At David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, serving families in Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia, Dr. Spilkia and our team of dental professionals believe in providing clinically advanced and patient-centered care with a pain-free …

When Philadelphia area patients may need Emergency Extractions

Emergency Extractions Philadelphia

Dr. David Spilkia of Philadelphia is an emergency dentist who can help patients with the care and attention of their smile even in unexpected situations. In most cases, he will do what he can to avoid permanently extracting a tooth. However, there are times in which emergency extractions may be necessary. An emergency extraction may occur for many reasons. It may be due to a tooth that has been injured. If the tooth is unable to be repaired, it will need to be removed. A tooth with a large area of decay may also be removed if it has been …

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  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By G. Parker

    David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry There are many things that set Dr. David Spilkia's practice apart from the rest from the rest. At David Spilkia, DMD, Dr. David Spilkia builds personal relationships with his patients, the staff is all warm and inviting, and the office and equipment is bright, shiny and new. They offer Saturday alternately too, and he is very accommodating in general. All in all, a very customer care focused practice, which is lacking pretty much everywhere else. Everyone at David Spilkia, DMD, here in Philadelphia, PA is so nice!

  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Charles B

    Dr. Spilkia here in Philadelphia is an honest, reliable and extra friendly cosmetic dentist. Dr. Spilkia is a consummate professional. He is caring, concerned and extremely capable. The work he has done on my teeth has been efficient and painless.

    Charles B.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Tony F.

    Dr. Spilkia here in Philadelphia is an honest, reliable and extra friendly cosmetic dentist. Dr. Spilkia is a consummate professional. He is caring, concerned and extremely capable. The work he has done on my teeth has been efficient and painless.

    Tony F.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Nancy R.

    Dr. David Spilkia is the best cosmetic dentist I've ever had. . He is very friendly and positive, makes you feel comfortable during your appointment and explains everything he is doing. Everyone at David Spilkia, DMD here in Philadelphia, PA is so nice!

    Nancy R.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Mario R.

    I finally found a great cosmetic dentist here in Philadelphia, PA. I really appreciate how friendly and attentive the office staff is. More dentists should learn from the way patients are treated here in David Spilkia, DMD.

    Mario R.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Betty

    I'm 42 years old, and have always been afraid of the dentist, until I came here they made me feel welcome and everybody was so understanding and helpful. they did an amazing job with my teeth and Im so happy now. thank you Dr. David Spilkia and staff for taking the time with me and for been so nice to me.

  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Google User

    Greatest Dentist, not kidding. When they say Gentle Dentist, this is the practice you want to go to. Dr. Spilkia is wonderful and his staff is extremely professional, helpful, and go out of their way to make sure that you feel comfortable! I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone! I already do and have been a patient of his for 12 years!

    Google User
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Renee

    I have had such a beautiful experience with Dr. Spilikia staff. They are compassionate and very sensitive to me and my fears. Dr. Spilkia is such a wonderful Dentist. I've been with Dr. Spilkia for a little more than 3 years, and it is always a pleasant visit. Dr. Spilkia and his staff are the best. If you have any phobias of going to the dentist, you have to choose Dr. David Spolkia and his staff, they are so wonderful.

  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Google User

    It's my first time giving a star rating to a dentist but I did like this one. I've been searching for a dentist and found the cleaning to be painful and some locations as they tend to just rip your gums apart. I'd recommend this office because the ladies here treat you like a family member and the place is immaculate (however one spells immaculalte - english isn't my major). anyway, I travel 4-hours from Maryland to Philadelphia just to see this dentist because he's just that good. I'm not kidding. If there were ten stars, then he'd get all ten...anyway before I ramble on and on, I've got to drive back to Maryland so just drop by and the ladies here will help. p.s. they are not hard on the eyes either.

    Google User
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Google User

    I have never reviewed a medical professional before, but Dr. David Spilkia is the best cosmetic dentist here in Philadelphia, PA ;( and I've had at least 10 dentists in my lifetime). I've been with him for about 1.5 years now so I feel comfortable recommending him.

    Google User
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by S. Mcgovern

    Thank you Dr. Spilkia for your caring professional services.In my last visit I spent almost 3 hours as you preformed a root canal and made my new crown. I would never have believed a person could actually nap through a root canal!

    S. Mcgovern
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Susan M.

    Experienced dentist, efficient staff, and comfortable decor. Have been a client of Dr. Spilkia for some years now. Their location is top-notch and Dr. Spilkia will always come to give his professional opinion.

    Susan M.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Joseph C.

    Staff is very nice, dentist is great. Facility is very clean and state of the art. Such a positive experience. I am very happy and highly recommend this office.

    Joseph C.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by S. Moody

    The best experience I have ever had at a dentist! No pain! Knowledgeable staff! Very gentle! Dr. Spilkia is the best cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia,PA!!

    S. Moody
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Clinton M.

    Once they say Cosmetic Dentist, this is actually the practice you need to visit. Dr. Spilkia is wonderful and the employees are very professional, useful, and walk out their method to make certain that you simply feel at ease! I'd certainly recommend this practice to anybody!

    Clinton M.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Patti S.

    I went to Dr. David Spilkia for invisalign and it has been a great experience. He works very precisely, thoughtfully and his office is spotless. Highly professional, only uses clean new equipment, careful and thoughtful.... basically everything you'd wish your dentist to be! If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, PA - look no further!

    Patti S.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by M. Mccormick

    Dr. David Spilkia here in Philadelphia, PA has an amazing eye for detail. His work is tasteful, subtle, thorough, and customized. I wanted a perfect smile but I didn't want it to look fake or obvious. I'm so, so happy with everything, and I got that natural, straight smile I was hoping for. I like that his approach is smart, modern, personalized, and efficient. He knows exactly what he's doing and he's up on everything. He takes his time with me and gives me my best options. He's also just a super nice person. Can't recommend him highly enough - he's truly an awesome cosmetic dentist!! PS the view from his office is outstanding!!

    M. Mccormick
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by A.Chandler

    When I came to Dr. David Spilkiaメs dental office here in Philadelphia, PA two days ago I discovered that visiting a dentist can be very pleasurable experience!!!! Honestly, Dr. Spilkia is the most professional and charming cosmetic dentist Iメve ever met in my life. The waiting time didn't exceed 15 min, the staff at David Spilkia, DMD was very professional and caring, and the overall office atmosphere was friendly and relaxing. Dr. Spilkia was just amazing - nice, funny, caring, patient, and super professional. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends!

  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Brent P.

    Dr. David Spilkia and his staff always have the patient's interest in mind, which is a special quality in this city of Philadelphia. David Spilkia, DMD, is excellent at what they do and the passion is quite evident. I've been impressed with his knowledge of dentistry, his staying on the cutting edge of technology within the profession, and his attention to detail when it comes to giving the patients high-quality service. This dentist and his team are dedicated and obviously love their work and the people that seek out their expertise. Terrific office!

    Brent P.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by A. Mills

    I may be a little biased since Dr Spilkia is a close friend of mine; however he is the best dentist here in Philadelphia, PA I've ever had. I grew up with a phobia of dentists, but when he became a dentist many years ago, my fears quickly subsided thanks to his chair side manner. He has you feeling comfortable from the minute you step in. He is the only dentist I know of who actually phones you the day following major dental work to see how you're doing. Aside from being a great dentist, he really cares.

    A. Mills
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews by Doyle J.

    My entire family loves going to the dentist. Especially in a big city like Philadelphia, it can be stressful and confusing. Dr. Spilkia and his team are the best and SO gentle!

    Doyle J.
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