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Restore and replace your missing teeth with dentures from Philadelphia, PA area dentist

At Dr. David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, patients of Philadelphia, PA can obtain quality dental care with our team of dedicated professionals. Dr. David Spilkia is our primary dentist who can assist patients of all ages. If you are considering options to restore or replace your missing teeth, he encourages you to learn more about replacement with dentures.

Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dentures in Philadelphia PA area

What are dentures?

Dr. David Spilkia describes dentures as tooth replacement solutions for the smile. Patients missing one or more teeth in their smile may want to turn to the benefits of using dentures as opposed to other options such as dental bridges and dental implants. Below is a description of each tooth replacement option available at our practice for patients interested in smile enhancement and restoration:

  • Partial dentures – partial dentures are best for patients who are missing one or several teeth within the dental arch. This type of denture is typically created with a metal or acrylic framework that snaps into place using the existing teeth in the dental arch. False teeth slide into place within the gaps of the smile for achieving the desired results. Partial dentures are often removed at night and placed back in the mouth during the day. These restorations are highly desirable for patients seeking an affordable alternative to more costly options such as dental implants or dental bridges.
  • Full dentures – another option for replacing missing teeth is that of full dentures. Full dentures are created from acrylic. They include false teeth and false gums. They replace an entire arch of missing teeth. This consists of the top, bottom, or both. The restoration is created to match the patient’s previous smile, with cosmetic changes as needed, to ensure a natural look. Full dentures are the only way to replace multiple teeth economically, as placing dental implants for each missing tooth would be extremely expensive.
  • Implant-retained dentures – another alternative to consider for those who are missing all their teeth in the dental arch is an implant-retained denture. This is a full denture that is fabricated to snap into place with several dental implants surgically placed into the bone of the jaw. These implants will help stabilize the complete denture to ensure proper function and stability. This is the best way to replace all the teeth in the smile because it is permanent. The dental implants use the jawbone as a solid foundation to place the full denture for optimum results.

Which restoration is appropriate for me?

Several different factors need to be taken into consideration when patients are considering tooth replacement options. First and foremost, patients need to determine how many teeth need to be replaced. Then, the cost of the treatment is assessed. Patients with dental insurance coverage will want to bring their dental insurance card with them to their appointment so the front office team can evaluate the benefits available for a patient. In many cases, the cost of dentures can be covered in part or in whole by dental insurance plans.

Additionally, the state of the patient’s current smile may determine the best restoration for their needs. For example, a patient who has lost all their teeth due to periodontal disease may not have enough bone left in the jaw to place dental implants successfully. This would eliminate the ability to enjoy implant-retained dentures. During an initial consultation visit and assessment, Dr. David Spilkia can decide as to which solution may be better suited for an individual.

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How do I care for my dentures?

Denture care varies depending on the type of denture that is obtained. It is essential that patients take the time to speak with their dentist about how to care for their restorations to ensure longevity and proper functionality.

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Patients in the community who are interested in learning more about the benefits of dentures are welcome to request a visit with our team at Dr. David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our practice can be reached at (267) 463-2777 and is readily available to assist new and existing patients and families. Call our facility today and get started discussing your dental restoration needs with our professionals today!
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Dr. David Spilkia - David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. David Spilkia has been attending to the dental needs of the communities of Philadelphia, PA for almost three decades and is trusted by his patients. Having started his education at The City College of New York and graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1983, he practiced dentistry for a few years, before starting the David Spilkia Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in 1988.

Among the range of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures provided by Dr. Spilkia are restorative dentistry, dental implants, smile makeovers, and Invisalign orthodontics.
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